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intensive acne serum

Intensive Acne Serum

Purely Clear Intensive Acne Serum is a specific blend of natural ingredients that help nourish and balance the functioning of the skin cells.  Not only has our acne serum shown to prevent and reduce acne breakouts, but it is also an excellent product to shrink enlarged pores.

Most acne products on the market today use chemicals to either overly dry out or aggressively exfoliate the skin.  Over drying the skin actually causes the skin to produce more oil in the long-run to compensate for the dryness which then causes more breakouts and excessive oil production.  Aggressive exfoliation leads to skin damage which can lead to wrinkles and other negative skin issues.  Furthermore, the topical application of chemicals can lead to numerous health issues from endocrine disorders to various cancers.

Purely Clear Intensive Acne Serum will help address the acne breakouts in the short run and also help promote beautiful, clear, healthy skin for years to come.

Intensive Acne Serum - $29.95



Magnetized blend of grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, ionized silver, zinc oxide, ionized zinc, lavender oil, tamaru oil, neem oil, sea buckthorn oil, bergamot oil, ionized iodine, vitamin A, pantothenic acid, niacinamide, rose oil, emulsifying wax (vegetable source), no chemical preservatives or additives.