Purely Clear researches, develops, formulates, distributes, and sells all natural skin and beauty care products. Being involved in the natural health care industry for over 30 years, it has been our passion to pursue health promoting, anti-aging products and practices. Therefore, almost three decades of extensive research has gone into the product line that Purely Clear offers. Our unique, all-natural line of products includes:
  • Cleansing Concentrates
  • Purifier/Toner/Nourisher
  • Moisturizing Concentrate
  • Intensive Repair and Wrinkle Serum
  • Intensive Acne Serum
  • Full Line of Mineral Makeup
  • Essential Oil Blends

We began developing and selling our products seven years ago with our purifier/toner/nourisher and have expanded our line extensively over the years. Our goal is and has been to produce products that not only benefit the skin but the body as a whole. Our products can be purchased through our website www.purelyclear.com and at various beauty salons and health food stores.

Based upon our premise of producing both skin and whole body benefits from the use of our products; you will notice our ingredients and formulations are very unique.

  • Our products are bottled in glass to avoid the chemicals that leach from plastics into the liquids they contain.
  • Our mineral makeup and lip colours contain anti-oxidants and essential oil blends to enhance overall health benefits.
  • Our products are cold processed to preserve the natural integrity and nutrient profile of our ingredients.
  • Our products are produced in small batches as needed to maintain fresh, natural products rather than ones that set in warehouses and on store shelves for years like many mass-market cosmetic products often do.

All our products contain the phrase “made with a touch of love” on the bottle. This is based upon research by Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, showing that what is written on the bottle of a liquid solution will affect the crystal formation.

Scientists analyzed the writing of either negative or positive phrases and words written in any language on containers of frozen water and viewed their crystal formations under a microscope. What they found was an amazing pattern. Water frozen with negative phrases on the bottle would not form complete crystals. However, those bottles with positive phrases would form complete crystals; and the bottles containing the words “love and gratitude” formed the most consistent, complete and beautiful crystals.

The majority of our products contain rose oil or some essential oil blend designed to enhance the bodies electrical energy/frequency. Essential oils have been used in every culture in the world throughout recorded history and were even brought to Jesus at His birth. One of the overlooked and little known values of essential oils, especially rose oil, is to increase the bodies electrical energy/frequency levels which are associated with human health and well-being.

Regardless of your age, skin type or skin condition, everyone can benefit from using Purely Clear products.

Helping others is one of the core principles Purely Clear products is based upon. So many people apply chemical-laden cosmetic products on their skin day after day and year after year without thinking or realizing that what they put on their skin absorbs into their blood and cells.

They can and do develop endocrine disorders, mood disturbances, skin allergies, cancers, and so many more negative skin and health issues. It never occurs to them that their sickness has been caused by things they have been applying on their skin.

If we can help people recognize this key principle of topical application of skin care products and their long-term effects, then we have achieved one of our main goals.