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Acne SerumMost commercial acne treatment products are loaded with toxic chemicals and synthetic preservatives.  These products use harsh chemical ingredients to aggressively dry out the skin.  They use synthetic preservatives, such as parabens, to allow their products to set on store shelves for literally years.

Unfortunately, these toxic chemicals that dry up the skin end up irritating, hastening free radical damage, creating an imbalance between skin moisture and oil levels, clogging the pores, causing bacterial infections and premature skin aging.  Many of these synthetic preservatives are estrogenic and can lead to multiple health problems.

Use an all-natural acne treatment product that helps maintain and balance the skins proper moisture and oil levels, and one that is free of dangerous synthetic preservatives.  Your skin and overall health will reap the benefits if you do.

Purely Clear in Knoxville Soap, Candle & Gifts

You can now find the full line of Purely Clear Skin Care and Mineral Makeup in Knoxville Soap, Candle & Gifts located at 4889 Broadway. Their number is 865-689-6545.

I am very proud to be working with Jodi. She has such a beautiful store filled with gifts for any occasion.  Her store is so inviting as there is always a local artist’s music playing and the  fragrant scents of essential oils and soy candles is lovely.  She has such a heart for local artisans and supports them by offering many of their items in her store. Some of those include:

  • Elizabeth Lynch and Mary Jane Harned have lamp work bracelets, earrings, dichroic pendants, Austrian crystals, gemstones, necklace sets and key chains
  • Amy Phillips has domino pendants and earrings
  • Sylvia Duquet and Chaska Denny have crochet hats, earrings, and sterling silver jewelry
  • Matt Salley has a beautiful display of hand blown glass bowls, lamps, and ornaments
  • Dottie Willocks has handmade dolls
  • Darrell Letner has absolutely beautiful primitive furniture pieces throughout the store
  • Mary Phipps produces organic aromatherapy lotions and potions
  • Sarah Greene and Gina Hammond have beautiful handmade greeting cards
  • Connie Linebarger makes hand dyed silk scarves

If you’ve not been to the Knoxville Soap, Candle and Gifts it’s worth the trip.  There are many exquisite, one-of-a-kind hand made items that can’t be found elsewhere.  They also offer free gift wrap with any purchase.

Save Our Supplements

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Toxic Skin Care and Makeup

Many snythetic ingredients used in skin care and cosmetic products in the United States have been banned in Europe for decades due to their known links as dangerous health hazards and skin destroyers. Over 450 personal care ingredients have been outlawed over the past 67 years by the European Union, whereas only nine have been outlawed by the United States FDA over the same time period.

Dermabrasion and Resurfacing

Many common skin treatments such as peels, acids, dermabrasion and resurfacing destroy telomeres which are at the end of each chromosome in the cell. You may achieve a pleasing aesthetic appearance with one of these procedures in the short run, but the destruction of these telomeres leads to more quickly aging cells in the long run.

Skin Structure

The skin not only provides the body with a waterproof covering but is also a complex organ made of many special cells. The skin varies in thickness from very thin areas that cover the eyelids to thicker areas such as the soles of the feet that have constant wear and tear.

Two primary structures make up the layers of the skin. The outer layer is referred to as the epidermis and the underlying layer is the dermis. A small, fingernail size patch of skin would contain approximately 5 million cells, over 100 sweat glands and hairs, 1000 sensors for touch, approximately 3 1/2 feet of microscopic blood vessels and 1 1/2 feet of nerve fibers. Simply amazing!

Accomplishing Health and Beauty

Over and over you will hear us emphasize the point that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood and therefore cells.  We want every product we produce to not only promote beautiful, healthy skin but provide internal health benefits.

Beta glucan is an all natural ingredient backed by a multitude of studies involving decades of research showing its positive, powerful health and beauty benefits.

Beta glucan, when taken orally or applied topically, enhances the natural production of the bodies powerful immune protecting macrophages or Langerhans cells.  These cells are critically important to the health and function of all bodily organs including not only the skin but also the liver, blood and nervous system. 

The skin repairs itself on a continual basis.  It is the macrophages that are primarily responsible for restoring and cleansing damaged skin.  Multiple benefits have been documented from the topical use of beta glucan.  Some are:

  • Improved skin hydration
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Improved elasticity and firmness
  • Improved skin color
  • Increased skin renewal
  • Reversal of skin damage from other topical skin chemicals

One of the primary benefits of beta glucan is its ability to enhance immune function.  Maintaining healthy immune function is a critical component of not only overall body health but skin health as well. 

Reversing and Preventing Skin Aging

Multiple factors are involved in reversing and preventing skin aging.  Some of the most important are:

  • Repairing damage caused by free-radicals
  • Providing sufficient antioxidant protection and nutrients
  • Restoring and maintaining proper moisture and oil content
  • Supporting the health and reproduction capabilities of the skins cells
  • Killing undesirable microorganisms living on the skin
  • Reducing skin inflammation
  • Detoxifying the skin

How To Cleanse Your Face Properly When You Have Acne

Most acne is a combination of both inflammatory (modules, cysts, or pustules) and non-inflammatory (open or closed comedones) conditions. 

Properly cleansing your skin will make a huge difference in healing of acne.  It is important not to scrub your face but to gently cleanse your skin.  Scrubbing will actually increase the inflammatory condition causing acne and make the acne breakouts worse.

Purely Clear Intensive Acne Serum

Purely Clear is adding a new product to our all-natural skin care and mineral makeup line.  The new product is Intensive Acne Serum.  Not only has the product shown to prevent and reduce acne, but it is also an excellent product to shrink enlarged pores. 

Most acne products on the market today use chemicals to either overly dry out the skin or aggressively exfoliate the skin.  Over drying the skin actually causes the skin to produce more oil in the long run to compensate for the dryness which then causes more breakouts and excessive oil production.   Aggressive exfoliation leads to skin damage which can lead to wrinkles and other negative skin issues.  Also, the topical application of chemicals can lead to numerous health issues from endocrine disorders to various cancers. 

One of the primary goals of Purely Clear is to make people aware of the fact that what they put on their skin absorbs into their blood and cells.  Based upon that truth, we produce products that not only produce beautiful, clear, healthy skin, but have beneficial effects on the body as a whole.

Our Intensive Acne Serum helps to nourish and balance the skin cells functioning.  This will help address the acne breakouts in the short run but also helps to promote healthy, beautiful skin for years to come.