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Dermabrasion and Resurfacing

Many common skin treatments such as peels, acids, dermabrasion and resurfacing destroy telomeres which are at the end of each chromosome in the cell. You may achieve a pleasing aesthetic appearance with one of these procedures in the short run, but the destruction of these telomeres leads to more quickly aging cells in the long run.

Accomplishing Health and Beauty

Over and over you will hear us emphasize the point that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood and therefore cells.  We want every product we produce to not only promote beautiful, healthy skin but provide internal health benefits.

Beta glucan is an all natural ingredient backed by a multitude of studies involving decades of research showing its positive, powerful health and beauty benefits.

Beta glucan, when taken orally or applied topically, enhances the natural production of the bodies powerful immune protecting macrophages or Langerhans cells.  These cells are critically important to the health and function of all bodily organs including not only the skin but also the liver, blood and nervous system. 

The skin repairs itself on a continual basis.  It is the macrophages that are primarily responsible for restoring and cleansing damaged skin.  Multiple benefits have been documented from the topical use of beta glucan.  Some are:

  • Improved skin hydration
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Improved elasticity and firmness
  • Improved skin color
  • Increased skin renewal
  • Reversal of skin damage from other topical skin chemicals

One of the primary benefits of beta glucan is its ability to enhance immune function.  Maintaining healthy immune function is a critical component of not only overall body health but skin health as well. 

Reversing and Preventing Skin Aging

Multiple factors are involved in reversing and preventing skin aging.  Some of the most important are:

  • Repairing damage caused by free-radicals
  • Providing sufficient antioxidant protection and nutrients
  • Restoring and maintaining proper moisture and oil content
  • Supporting the health and reproduction capabilities of the skins cells
  • Killing undesirable microorganisms living on the skin
  • Reducing skin inflammation
  • Detoxifying the skin

Coenzyme Q10 – You Can’t Live Without It!

Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps support energy production inside the cells.  CoQ10 also provides protection to cells from free radicals.  It has been shown to provide valuable benefits to heart health, cancer prevention and treatment, periodontal health and numerous other health issues.  It is so valuable that humans cannot live without it.

CoQ10 levels decline in the skin cells with aging.  This loss of CoQ10 is believed to be a major factor in photo-aging and other skin diseases that increase with age.  Oral and topical use of CoQ10 can provide important health protective benefits to basically every part of the human  body including the skin.

CoQ10 is one of the ingredients found in the Purely Clear Purifier/Toner/Nourisher and Intensive Repair and Wrinkle Serum because of its numerous health and skin benefits.

What approach will you take to anti-aging — synthetic or natural?

The synthetic approach includes the “sanding/peeling” method. This irritation to the skin could possibly stimulate collagen production. However, the end result will be thin skin, a destroyed lipid barrier, more susceptible to sun damage, and worn out collagen producing fibroblasts. You may have a pleasing aesthetic appearance for a short time but watch out a sagging, wrinkled face follows closely behind.

The natural “Purely Clear” approach includes optimizing the health and integrity of every cell in your body without irritation or a synthetic soup of chemical-laden ingredients. Purely Clear products promote beautiful, clear, healthy skin without the use of synthetic chemicals and are designed to enhance both skin and body health the longer they are used.