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Do you have thyroid problems, auto-immune disorders, high blood pressure, colitis, allergies, arthritis, infertility, a child with birth defects?

The answer to your health issues may be phthalates, the primary component of plastics — those same plastics that contain your beauty care products. Those phthalates are carcinogenic and cause hormone havoc by changing the normal chemistry of hormones.

“Plasticizer pollution was first discovered by Tufts University researchers who were studying breast cancer cells in petri dishes. They couldn’t understand why the breast cancer cells were growing wildly in lab test tubes as though they had added the estrogens. The problem is they had not yet added the cancer-stimulating estrogens. The answer was that the plasticizer chemicals leaching out of the plastic petri dishes and plastic test tubes are environmental estrogen mimics, mimicking estrogens and act like fertilizer for cancer cells.”*

The chemical and food industries state that small amounts of phthalates are not harmful. This is true if we were only exposed to one phthalate source at a time. However, this is not the case and those small harmless amounts add up and begin to stockpile in our bodies. Years later when we get sick and wonder why — environmental pollutants never cross our minds.

Purely Clear is a natural skin care line bottled in glass to avoid negative side effects and phthalate poisoning.

*Sherry Rogers, Detoxify or Die