Processing Of Cosmetics Depletes The Nutrient Content of Ingredients

Almost all commercial cosmetic products that are in any liquid, lotion or cream form will be processed using high heat blending methods and chemical emulsifiers.  They are processed this way to allow for a more consistent blend of the ingredients, especially when water and oil based ingredients are in the same blend.  This processing method also allows for a shelf life in excess of four years.   We do not add any chemical emulsifiers nor do we use high heat methods in the blending and processing of Purely Clear products.

High heat cooking or microwaving of foods destroys beneficial enzymes and nutrients.  It will also destroy and deplete the valuable nutrient content of ingredients used in cosmetics.  Because we use cold processing methods and no chemical emulsifiers, our products need to be shaken before each use.

It is not our goal to make skin care products that last for 4-5 years on store shelves or that even look or smell “pretty.”  It is our goal to use natural ingredients in their most natural, unprocessed form to nourish the skin and body.

Just as the body will be healthier from eating a diet of fresh, natural foods, as opposed to microwaved, processed foods; so the skin will be healthier from using natural unprocessed cosmetics.

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